Biographical note

I was born in 1930 and passed my childhood years in an Athens of summertimes, full of flaming noondays, yellow, arid, dangerous, poor, Hellenocentric, fascistic. Between the ages of ten and fifteen I lived through the war, the German occupation, then the civil war, the desperate struggle for survival in a world of the dead, the maimed, the wretched, of unscrupulous and debased beggars and traitors, but also of proud, lapsed communist fighters. From fourteen to eighteen I worked like a slave, as assistant to important scenic artists of the cinema. Eighteen years old, I entered the Athens School of Fine Arts where for six years I was taught conventional academic Art, without elevated aesthetics and under desperate economic conditions. But I did know friendship and erotic love, and I supported them with superlative enthusiasm and passion. At the age of 24, I began obligatory military service and thus lost two of the best years of my life. In those two lost years, however, I did two or three wonderful paintings, I learned Italian, and was awarded a three-year national scholarship that allowed me to leave Greece as a cultural emigrant.
In 1957, I married an interesting and beautiful woman, Fania Kaplanidou, who was academically and socially far more developed than I was, and I owe her a lot, because until her death in 1968 she helped me to stand on my feet and she gave me our only daughter, the continuation of my material existence. For eleven years we lived together the miracle of Rome and of Paris.
But there, in about 1964 or '65, something inside me changed without my being able to define it (my patriotic responsibilities perhaps) and while everything until then had been for me, both in my life and in Art, coincidental and spontaneous, suddenly it all became conscious and deliberate. I began to control my emotions, my desires, my work. And then, unexpectedly, came success.
A success that I owe to Michael and Ileana Sonnabend, but also to certain art dealers who believed in me. Belgium, Italy and Germany supported me and began to buy my works, to write about me, and to organize exhibitions, to become my friends. The French, however, were wary of me. In all the vast Parisian world of Art, I made only two friends. José Pierre, at the beginning of my career, and later, Pierre Restany. The others were mere acquaintances.
In 1971, I left for Berlin where I lived, worked, and exhibited for eighteen years in a different reality.
So, from 1971 to '72, I lived with Eleni (my co-worker and the mature love of my life) and my daughter Maya, together as a family in Berlin on a DAAD scholarship. When I returned to Paris there came into my life a person of fateful importance to my international career, Alexandre Iolas, who would then leave my life in 1986, shortly before his death. In 1973, Eleni and Maya returned to Athens and, for twelve whole years, I lived between Paris and Athens, gradually neglecting my international presence and emphasizing my presence in Greece.
Was it a mistake? From one point of view it surely was. But from another, perhaps not. What would have become of me if I had lived as a perpetual exile in Paris or New York? And what did I actually do in Greece, among genuine friends and enemies? That question will never be answered and will always torment me.
Since my decisive return to Greece in 1985, I have done many pieces. Some good, some fair, some bad. Among them some twenty have assumed the responsibility of preserving my name and, I would like to believe, preserving the Greek contribution to universal Art during the years I have lived, and yet live.
But there comes a time when the today, the present day, has no more room for you, or when it doesn't want you, and its images change and interchange so rapidly that you don't have time to record and refine them. Yesterday alone seems unmoving, like a pillar of salt, and thus permits you to see it, to comprehend it, and to work on it. Tomorrow will perhaps give you some time for observation, until it falls upon you like an avalanche and carries you away, burying you. At one time it was you who became the present, the today, or so you thought. And you were assured of a place in the past, transformed from a living organism into a typically indicative arc, usually deceptive, therefore hopeful. Because every accurate prediction kills the unexpected. And isn't it only and always from Art that we expect the unexpected?

In 2010, the Museum that bears my name opened in Tinos. There (with Chrysanthi Koutsouraki who directs the Museum) we curate and exhibit a different period of my work, which helps my self-knowledge and brings me into contact with a different public that I hadn't known until then. I mean people for whom Art is either a rare luxury or something that doesn't concern them, or at least hasn't concerned them. But these people are sometimes moved by my work and by my writings, and they don't hesitate to say so and to show it.


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2019: Triple presentation of the work and thought of Costas Tsoclis in the church of Santa Verdiana, in the Florence School of Architecture. His speach, titled "Anche in fine, come in principio, il Logos sara", followed the performance "Tsoclis: Ourselves". Tinos: “Traces of Art”, Costas Tsoclis Museum. "C. Tsoclis. Artworks", Golden Gallery by Kapatays, Nicosia, Cyprus. 2020 Tinos: “Prayer”, Costas Tsoclis Museum

Group exhibitions

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