Books by Costas Tsoclis

No walk should go unrewarded
Kastaniotis Publications, 1995

So there it is ...
Centre for Contemporary Art, Rethymno 2003

Off you go and complain to God
Kastaniotis Publications, 2009

Books about Costas Tsoclis

Tsoclis 1960 - 1980, book - object
J. Dypreau, Κ. Geirlandt, J.Pierre Van Tieghem, K. Ruhrberg, Τ.Spiteris, D.Fatouros
SIGMA N. Papadakis Publications, 1977

The adventures of Tsoclis in front of and behind the mirror
José Pierre (trans. Yannis Varveris) publ. Rhodes Gallery, 1967 - re-publ. Amvrosiou OE, 2009

C. Tsoclis, a monograph
E. Petropoulos, C. Tsoclis
ADAM Publications, 1992

Le peintre du paysage, six poèmes pour le paysage de Tsoclis
E. Trichon-Milsani|
Ed. Photographs, Athens 1992

D. Davvetas
Kastaniotis Publications, 1997 

The seas of Tsoclis 
E. Trichon-Milsani
Livanis Publications, 2001

The living painting of Costas Tsoclis
K. Koskina
Toubis Publications, 2003

Tsoclis, a monograph
Bruno Corà
ADAM Publications, 2005

Rue des Écouffes
Album of lithographs
Text by Dimitris Analis
publ. Alexander Iolas Gallery, Paris 1973

Anamnissis 71 - 73
Text by Tonis Spiteris
publ. Alexander Iolas Gallery, Paris 1974

Texts: I. Petropoulos, José Pierre, C. Cafopoulos, J.Pierre Van Tieghem 
publ. Alexander Iolas Gallery, Paris 1983

First catalogue of the COSTAS TSOCLIS MUSEUM

Tsoclis, you the last lepper, 2012
Catoptron- Costas Tsoclis Museum

"Variations sur l'origine du monde" 
Marot, 2017


There is an extensive bibliography on Costas Tsoclis. A host of articles, interviews, exhibition catalogues have been published, and many television and radio broadcasts have been devoted to him.

Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, constructions, video projections, sound, water, light, mirrors, installations, performances - these for Tsoclis are tools and means which he uses to give expression to his vision of the moment.

In parallel with his work in art, discourse, written or spoken, is for him a mean of expression which completes his artistic and intellectual role.