Spinalonga June 2nd- October 31st 2012

Spinalonga is charged with a long history: Ancient Greek, Venetian, Ottoman, and finally, from 1903 to 1957, when it became known as a place of internment for lepers. The island and its particular history have from time to time inspired a number of writers and film- makers. In the summer of 2012, the artist Costas Tsoclis will, by a series of interventions in both the island as a whole and in its interior, will transform it into a work of contemporary art. At the same time, the aim of this artistic event is liberation from the fear and prejudice that stigmatized for centuries an illness that is now treatable and has been called "sacred".

Costas Tsoclis became an internationally recognized artist at the end of the 1960s with the creation of his personal "Objects- Situations" and later with his three- dimensional paintings. He returned to his native Greece after living for twenty eight years in Rome, Paris and Berlin. Since 1985, he has been in the vanguard of contemporary art due to his invention of what critics have called "living painting" (video projections onto large paintings) and his monumental interventions in abandoned public and historical spaces.

Nikos Xydakis composed the music that accompanies visitors throughout the course of their visit to the island. Of Greek Egyptian family, Xydakis is widely known in Greece for the unique personal quality of his music. In addition to a large number of folk and art songs, he has composed music for the theatre and films.

The event is approved by the Central Archaeological Council and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism.